The Azul ITPW®

Inertial Trendelenburg Positioning Wedge

It's Time Surgical Staff Had an Intuitive Modular Positioning Accessory Option!

The Azul was created to facilitate highly reliable patient handling and positioning processes for surgical staff. It was specifically designed to move with our Hadron and Genesis positioning systems!

Unlike other common products, the Azul allows the head, neck, and shoulders to naturally transition during Trendelenburg as one unit, reducing disconjugate movements that can increase the risk for brachial plexus or pressure injuries.

We don't redirect pressure to either the base of the neck or the shoulders. We absorb it.

Our unique reusable foam wedge was designed to absorb the inertia and force of skin and adipose tissue, as this movement is a natural occurrence during gravity dependent transitions to positions like Trendelenburg.