Inertial Trendelenburg Positioning Wedge

It's Time Surgical Staff Had an Intuitive and Modular Accessory Positioning Option!

The Azul was created to facilitate high reliability patient handling and positioning processes for surgical staff. It was designed to be moved with the patient to positions like lithotmy.

The Azul ITPW has two options for security:

One option is the high friction surface area on the underside of the wedge, that when combined with our Hadron, Genesis, and Infinity friction moveable pad systems, will combine with the patient's weight to offer stability and effiacy.

The second option is a moveable antifriction plate that will secure the patient and the pad down to the table. This does not require surgical bed rail clamps. Neither of these options use Velcro®, thus improving cleaning processes.

The Azul allows the body to naturally transition during Trendelenburg as one unit, this relieves preferential gravity dependant pressure on the neck, base of cervical spine, and the shoulders (brachial plexus).

This unique reusable foam wedge was designed to absorb the inertia of the patient, rather than provide a counter force of stability. Patients won't travel up the elevated shoulder ramps during transition.

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