The Industry's First and Only Patented Trendelenburg Foam Pad Lift System!

Our Hadron positioning system just got even better!

Our new Infinity TSPS® platform will now allow staff to fully customize their Hadron for anatomic variances and procedureal requirements.

We are evolving care at the speed of surgical innovation!

Patent No. 10,709,626, and multiple other patents pending.

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Customized Positioning Care!

Our new

Our new Infinity TSPS® platform allows customized modifications based on anatomic variances and procedural requirements, while still optimizing safe patient handling and positioning processes for surgical staff over current methodologies!

This option reduces cost by allowing facilites to purchase the base pad for arms out (abducted) positions, with the ability to purchase our accessory Bi-Wing kits for the procedures that require different arm adduction configurations.

If you are tucking both arms routinely, you can always purchase our Genesis Bi-Wing AAP Infinity system!

This option will go live August 15th 2021!

No products do what ours can do!

Let's evolve patient & surgical staff safety together!
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