Redefining Trendelenburg Surgical Positioning Through High Reliability and Improved Ergonomic Safety!
Come See How Our New Infinity Surgical Trendelenburg Positioning Platform Can Evolve Your Standard of Care!

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Witness a Glimpse at the Future of Safe Patient Handling and Surgical Positioning!

See how our upcoming Genesis Infinity XL Trendelenburg surgical positioning platform integrates with SLD Technology’s innovative AirFrame® and AirLift® mechanical lifting innovations.

This brief video consolidates a four-minute patient handling and positioning experience, proving that you don’t have to suffer performance losses when implementing #safepatienthandling technologies into the surgical space! In fact, we did this with only 3 people!

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A Company Founded by Surgical Providers for Surgical Providers!

Infinitus Medical Technologies (iMT®) uses a clinical approach to creating effective solutions for surgical care environments and beyond.

Our products are designed to facilitate highly reliable processes. These serve to improve efficiency and performance, while standardizing care and safety for both patients and their care providers.

These improvements capture missed ROI opportunities due to poor surgical block time utilization of time and staff. In fact, these metrics can actually be traced in the surgical electronic health record between "Anesthesia induction to incision."

This value driven approach will play a more prominent role under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and evolving Bundled Care Reimbursement Initiatives (BPCIs).

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Trendelenburg Positoning and Beyond Redefined
See How Our New Infinity TSPS® Platform Is Redefining Surgical Safety for Both Patients and Their Caregivers! It's All About Processes and Interconnectivity!

As a clinically founded company iMT® understands your daily challenges. We've designed our products to greatly reduce and even eliminate certain patient handling and postioning processes. Our goal is to introduce highly reliable processes to long standing clinical challenges to benefit the safety of both patients and their surgical providers.

Let's Evolve patient & surgical staff safety together!

Please contact us today to find our how we can help evolve your standard of care!!